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Many years ago, in a far-off land called Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. There lived a young lad by the name of Benjamin, with a vision for musical takeover. This young lad worked tirelessly making beats of fire. But something was missing, some component that he couldn’t quite find. He realized that even with all his success and wenches, he was still missing someone to fight many great beasts with, someone to conquer the known world with.  ittle did he know, there was another young lad by the name of D’artagnan in a distant corner of the world, fighting alone as well. He too desired the same vision, but could never find that soldier to fight alongside him. Then one fateful morning, D’artagnan was informed that Benjamin would be fighting alongside him. They quickly defeated many beasts together, swiftly and effortlessly. As if they were two parts of the same blade. They knew that together, they alone could bring the world into a new age, a better age. The world held their breath, as it watched as these two now strapping men turned from Heroes into Legends, their story still being written in the stone.


Photos by John C Slack.

Producer,DJ,HDC,LDH / Benjamin David

Singer,DJ,SDH / D'artagnan Mattaliano



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Kendrick Lamar x Skrillex - Humble (Crystalize Remix)

by Crystalize